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The growing concern about fitness and health issues led to the emergence of relevant publications of guides that aid in keeping fit and maintaining good health practices.

With the rising technology levels, there came wearables as well as device inbuilt sensors that detect and show the fitness levels and health conditions of individuals. These devices use applications that have been designed to detect, monitor, record and display the status of health in individuals and assist in keeping track of activities that help in keeping fit. There are a number of apps on Android for helping you maintain good health and keep your fitness levels checked.

Google Fit

This is Google’s app that automatically keeps a record of your steps, weight, activity time and heart rate. The user can set targets upon which he or she will be notified if the desired goal is achieved.

Google Fit is integrated with Android Wear and Android OS and is available on the web.


With this app, you can organize your jogging schedules on a given map, observe a number of calories burned and distance covered in the runs and set your targets for gaining fitness. The app can also aid in managing your gym activities and bike rides, check on your indoor activities and integrate them into your planned schedule and many more activities.

The app also works with Apple Health and Google Fit apps.


Best suited for runners, Runtastic displays your activities in 3D. The app enables you to get stats on your running and cycling activities such as the covered distance, speed and the heart rate during the exercises.

The app has a voice coach that is automated to give you morale in your workouts and also a customized diary for working out.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

Also suitable for multiple numbers of activities, the app hosts several different fitness activities’ features that include jogging, cycling, walking, indoor exercises and other workout activities. The user can check his or her progress from this app as it can collect stats from all the activities for a stipulated period.


This amazing app works by tracking your activities via the GPS. It monitors the speed; pace kept, and the elevation as you proceeds. With this app, you can also be able to see the popular routes taken by other people within your locality even if you are away from home.

7 Minute Workout

For those who are starting to keep fit with workouts, this is the ideal app for you. As the name suggests, the app shows you a 7-minute work around on steps that you can take to lose weight and also add strength to your muscles. This app does not have many features as it is designed for starters that might get intimidated with the usual workout exercises.

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk

Just like most of the other apps, Endomondo Running Cycling Walk app gathers stats from all your workout activities, and you can set your targets based on your normal schedules. With this app, you can also share out your progress and achievements with other friends on social media.

This app is well arranged and has an appealing look from a glance. The app is subdivided into sections with workout plans, targets and challenges. There are also maps and calendars that will help you plan and organize your daily exercise activities about your normal schedule.

Check out the Play Store for these and more amazing health and fitness apps.