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Whenever the Apple releases its latest version, the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch starts getting the notification alerts for it. Sometimes, we put it on hold to update after 24 hours or at any time round the clock or you simply don’t want to install it at all. But, if you have not installed it, you will continue to get the updating reminders from iOS until you have not updated it. Although, there is a way that you can change the settings and switch off the updating notifications.

You cannot stop the notifications entirely, but you can always call off the notifications to nag you again and again. There are many ways through which you can stop these reminders from appearing on your phone. Such as, you can delay them, block them or simply remove them.

#1- Ignore the Wi-Fi after deleting the iOS update

You can stop the iOS update to disturb you is by deleting the iOS app from the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and then close the Wi-Fi as well. When you delete the iOS app, you will not get the update notifications for sure, but as soon as you get connected back to the Wi-Fi, the iOS app will get downloaded back and will start bothering you. This does not sound very much likeable for the users who have the broadband bandwidth of limited access because Apple wants you to update it to the newest version.

  • Go t the Settings app and click on the General option.
  • Click on the Storage and iCloud Usage.
  • Click on Manage Storage.
  • Whichever iOS software update is bothering you, click on it.
  • Click on Delete Update and click again to confirm that you do not want the update for sure.
  • Now, disband the Wi-Fi so that the software will not get updated back.
  • If you want it to download back, and then simply leave it and it will be downloaded.

#2- Block the updating of Apple software on Gateway or Router

Whatever internet you are using, you can block the downloading option on it and the iOS updating will be barred to get into that gateway. With this approach, all the Apple devices connected to this gateway will be unable to download any update and will continue to do so until you reverse the procedure. Other than this option, you cannot prevent the software updating from the Settings, simply. Many educational institutions and corporations use this method with the iOS gadgets. If you want to adopt this way, then you can perform this trick, you have to write:

All the routers and gateways have their own ways so you have to do set up according to it.

If you really do not want the update on your Apple device, then do this method.

#3- Switch it off for 24 hours

If your Apple device is asking you to do the updating, then you can choose the option of “Later” and after that you can use the option of “Remind Me Later”. That way, the software will remind you after some time. This will go on for 24 hours and you have to click on Later and Remind Me Later continuously.

#4 – Install the update by accepting it

The last thing to do is to go with the flow and accept the software updating requests. There could be various reasons if you do not want the particular iOS on your phone or if you think that there are many issues with it. When you will do this, you will be on the newest iOS version.

If you have given up to the iOS, then simply backup your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.