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Telegram messaging app has released a new version for android, iOS and web users.

The new version brings to the fold what are known as inline bots, which introduces a new way of doing things from within the app with the use of bots.

The new Telegram update now lets users use bots to carry out a number of tasks that include sending GIFs from Gipsy right from within a chat regardless of whether the bot had previously been added to the chat or not.

The new inline mode enables bots to be omnipresent such that they can be used as a tool when chatting with individuals, groups or even when in channels. “It does not matter whether this bot is a member of the chat or not,” a statement on Telegram’s blog said.

The potential of inline bots

Just so to show the world what this update means, Telegram has assembled several bots that tap the current APIs to bring in content from a variety of third-party platforms. These bots include Bing Image Search, IMDb, YouTube, Yandex Image Search, Gypsy as well as Wikipedia. Telegram has also added a new mark-down bot that lets users bold and italicizes text as well as a set mono with fonts.

Telegram, which is considered as the most tightly encrypted messaging app, is building on what it started out last year when it enabled the playing of content from third-party services such as YouTube and Vimeo from within the chats. Now that there are new inline bots, this chat app will only but get more fun for beginners. The company is also showing its growing interest in this area as it works hard to stake a place in the current IM market that is dominated by huge names such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

The future of messaging

It seems messaging companies are seeing a future in bots. It is not just Telegram, but Google also recently revealed that it is working on unveiling chat bots that will work from within its messaging app. These bots will be responsible for helping communicate with people, which only but makes the latest news about inline bots a lot more interesting.

According to stats released last year, Telegram manages to transmit more than 12 billion messages in a single day, a feat that it hopes to build on with the release of the new version for android, iOS and web users.