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In the past, in order to configure email clients, users needed a Google Desktop/Mobile Password. They continued to use these passwords and they can be used until the Internet password expires, then the Google Desktop/Mobile Client Password is synced with it. Specialists advise users to sync their Internet and Google passwords for a better user experience. But, in this article, we’ll tell you about the steps that must be taken when configuring Gmail with Apple’s Mail for OS X Yosemite and Mavericks.

After opening Apple’s Mail, go to “Mail” and select the “Add Account” option, then choose “Add Other Mail Account”, which is the last on the list, after iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo! and Aol. Next, you will click on “Continue”, then you will enter your name, full UofM Email address, and the Google Mobile Password/Internet password. Click on Create and when a pop-up will appear, saying “More information is required”, click on “Next” and after that, you will enter the following information:

Account type: IMAP (not POP)
Mail Server:
User Name: UofM Email Address, such as
Password: Google Desktop/Mobile Client Password/Internet password.

After clicking on “Next”, another pop-up will appear – “Incoming Mail Server Info”, and under it, there is a Use SSL box which you will check, then you’ll change Authentication to Password. Again, you will click on “Next” and you’ll see another window – “More information is required”, where you will need to fill in the following information:

SMTP Server:
User Name: UofM Email Address
Password: Google Mobile Password/Internet password

In the next window, you will check the box in front of “Use SSL” and the port will be changed to 587. Now, the authentication type will be changed to Password and you will click on “Create”. You will have your UofM Gmail configured in Apple Mail.