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Accident or not, someone from the Facebook staff left their screen open and vulnerable to snoopers and of course a photo was taken on the spot. The leaked photo reveals Facebook’s Messenger for OS X. The photo of the leaked OS X Messenger app was unveiled by TechCrunch.

People are pretty accustomed to Facebook as some use it daily. All you need to do is go to your browser, look around and then start chatting with your friends via the IM messaging options and features. Some of you might also resort to the simple Messenger, leaving behind Facebook’s annoying feeds or other types of distractions.

So, if it’s so easy to use Facebook, why the need of a new app? This new app might come in handy because it would be easier to simply use a third-party app and not go to the browser each time. And for some, the fact that they constantly have to switch between tabs to reply to a message can be irritating.

TechCrunch reveals the fact that the cryptic app immortalized on the screen of a Facebook employee showed a Messenger icon within the user’s OS X. It seems that the app was also dubbed Messenger. The pictures also showed a navigation bar and it seems to resemble a tab bar you would normally use in a Facebook’s iOS app. You have the same categories such as Recent, Groups and so on.

Facebook OS X Messenger

Facebook hasn’t revealed anything public yet and in the end this OS X app Messenger app might not even be made public. So, don’t let this hearsay excite you too much as it may never come to be. Let us recall a few years back when Facebook decided to release a desktop Messenger app for Windows. If you recall, Facebook quickly terminated the app.