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Developers continuously release updates for their applications, no matter which platform they where created for, and this is a good sign that they actually care about their users and want to make sure that they won’t uninstall their applications very soon. iOS users download applications from the App Store (iTunes) and from time to time, these applications automatically update themselves. If you consider that the latest update makes the application run slower and it has bugs, then you will need to downgrade to a previous version. In this article, we’ll teach you how to do that.

The reasons why a new update affects the performance of an application are: incompatibilities with other services, glitches, the application is graphic-richer and your old iPhone doesn’t support it etc. So, if you consider that the previous version of the app worked better and you want to roll back to it, here’s what you need to do.

First of all, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone, then you will download App Admin, a free tweak from the BigBoss repository, which can be installed on devices running on iOS 9 and 8. With this tool, you can downgrade any application to any version you want.

After installing it, this tweak will be enabled by default and all you will need to do is choose the application that you’ve downloaded from the App Store and want to be downgraded to an older version. So, go to the App Store and find the page containing the application that interests you, tap Update/Open/Download button and you will see a list of older versions. If you know exactly what version is the right one for your application, manually choose it, so enter it, or select it from the list.

After selecting the specific version, it will be downloaded and installed on your device, and it won’t take too long for the installation process to complete. Unfortunately, not all applications provide a list of all their previous versions, so this is where the App Admin will come in handy, as it has a database of “Known Versions” for most of the popular applications.