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If you receive tons of emails daily or if you simply haven’t cleaned up your inbox for a while now, it’s time to get to it. Gmail is not very hard to work with, but sometimes a vast amount of emails can definitely be problematic. You need to read on to find out how-to effectively delete more emails at once, delete the ones from specific contacts and so on.

  • How-to delete unread emails

If you want to erase the emails you haven’t managed to read, you have to type unread right in the Search box, so all of the unread emails will be revealed, select them by hand and delete them.

  • How-to delete emails from a label

If the emails are in labels, all you need to do is choose the Label (left side panel) and then use the tick symbol to select the emails. If there are more, choose all 20 conversations for instance and click on delete. Nothing to it, right?

  • How-to delete all of your emails

If you wish o delete every single email that has piled up in your inbox, just go to Gmail and pick the inbox window you want to delete. You have Promotions, Primary and so on. Simply tap on the box (left corner) and choose “Select all X emails in Primary” for instance (X represents the precise number of emails). Click the bin icon to erase them all. Note: If you don’t delete them from the Bin as well, Gmail takes care of this aspect after a period of 30 days.

  • How-to delete emails from a particular contact

This is a pretty simple method: look for an email from that contact and then simply flicker the mouse over the name, this will show you a window, after which you just have to click Email. Immediately, all of the emails you’ve ever exchanged with that contact will pop-up, choose them all and erase them.