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The Consumer Electronics Show is the hottest topic of the year that every tech enthusiast love to be in. Samsung has no doubt got the huge place in this CE show. Just like every year, the Samsung came up with the finest gadgets to show off at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

In the presser at CES 2016, the Samsung has announced about its upcoming products, which will be presented to the public. What 5 amazing gadgets that Samsung has to offer in these days, are:

  • You want this $5000 refrigerator and for sure!

The fridge has three cameras present inside and consumers can always check out through their smartphones that what is present inside the fridge even when they are not around the fridge. Not only that, when you check that there is nothing to eat, you can straight make an online purchase and if you have a MasterCard, then you can pay directly through it because Samsung and MasterCard are partnering with each other. Just standing at your kitchen counter, you can order and purchase the item without any hassle.

On the touchscreen of Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator, you can post photos, put calendars, write your notes and do the artwork and if you are not in front of the refrigerator, then you can do that by using the smartphone.

From the screen of Family Hub, you can check if the whole house is secured and if the lights are switched off. Not only have that, this refrigerator also worked as your built- in stereo. You can connect your Bluetooth speakers and stream your favorite TV content on it as well.

  • The next item on the floor is Samsung Rink and that is said to be the fun product to use. Partnering with the Oculus, the Samsung has reached to the next level of expertise. The controller works with the sensor movement when the user moves his hands.
  • One of the best makers of the television in this world is Samsung and they provide us with the huge quality displays. The colors are so amazing that they make you living in the real world and the picture quality of OLED HDTV is simply awesome. Samsung is aiming to make the TV much better this time. You get so many options of contrasts in it with the HDR display. In one design there is bezel and in other one there is no bezel, but both are with the curved displays. You will get the sizes up to 89 inches. With the Smart Hub, the users can see their favorite TV shows and stuff at one place. The Live TV is there and the menu shows upon the home screen.

The Console-less gaming is the new thing that consumers can enjoy with the most realistic gaming. You will get 500+ games on this Smart Hub.

Not only that, the smart TV will work by pairing up with the Android, Windows PC and iOS. You will see all the well known applications and entertainment here at Smart TV. Also, with this Smart TV, your need of having several remote controls have ended and you can operate every device with the single remote.

  • The newest Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is expected to come out in February and it is running on Windows 10. With the 12-inch AMOLED display and the resolution of 2K. The battery of this device can run for 10.5 hours and the thickness is 6.3mm, while the weight is 693gms.
  • For all the fitness freaks, this Samsung Welt is something very useful. This gadget is easy to wear and looks like a formal item. It tracks your health numbers and your waist size is also determined by it. Whatever steps you take and for how long you sit down, the belt will measure everything. All the data from this gadget goes to the specially designed app.