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In the latest Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus, the newest feature of Live photos was introduced. Those iPhone models which do not support this feature have got it through the unofficial ports. With the updated version of Camera MX app, the feature is now available on Android devices as well.

The Appic Labs Corp’s developer who has created this application has named it Live Shot on Android. This thing is pretty surprising that Android has started working on these Live Photos after so long and made the feature of Live Photos so late.

The working of Camera MX is not pretty different from the Live Photos function of the Apple’s app. It works in the same as Apple way, by capturing shots with some frames prior to the shutter calls off. You get the final image in the form of Live Shot or Live Photo, etc.

It is a common knowledge that   Apple likes to keep every function and feature straight forward and that is why you do not get any customization option when you take the Live Photos.  When we talk about the Android, then we know that you get all different stuff and the customization options are very much higher when you are using the Camera MX. It is up to the users that what length of shot they want to take. With the help of in-app settings, you can configure it.

When the photo is taken, the replay option is available with the tap and you can hold the photo as well. In this app, the shot can be edited by going to the different frames. Such option helps you in removing the blurry or unwanted frames from the shot.

When you are done with making the final shot, then it can be shared across the social media and apps. Not only that you can play it once, but you can play it several times like an MP4 video.

The app works smoothly if you have the Android version of 4.3 and above it. If you have not installed it yet, then download it today and enjoy the Live Shots.