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The email service has been released 18 years ago and last time, it had around 300 million users, while 217 million were unique visitors, placing Yahoo! Mail on the second position, behind Google, who has 236 million unique visitors. Over 100 million people are using Yahoo! Mail on a daily basis and they deserve to discover all the features and secrets that could improve their experience. So, here is our list of tips and tricks that every user will find useful.

Boss Mode

If you’re using a computer and then you’ll see in the lower left corner of YM screen you’ll see an icon with a mountain in a box and you’ll hover the cursor over it. This will help you enter the Yahoo Mail boss mode, but an easier method to do that is to press the Esc key once. So, the Boss Mode will instantly hide everything you’re reading so that your nosy friends or your boss won’t know what you’re doing.

Set An Image As Background

If you’re tired of the old background, Yahoo has some themes that you can choose, containing images for the background, which have been carefully selected from Flickr (Yahoo’s affiliate). Unfortunately, the list of options is limited, and it’s more convenient to use Gmail, because it allows you to choose any image you want. The great news is that you can set a background in iOS and Apps, but when moving to a computer, the image won’t sync.

Don’t Save Contacts!

Yes, many users save contacts in the address book, to remember the name of their friends’ accounts. What if we tell you that you don’t need to do that, because Yahoo remembers every account you saved a message to or received a message from, so when you’re typing in the name, the service will launch an auto-suggestion and it will show you the email address that interests you.

Quick Actions For Mobile

If you’re logging into your account from a smartphone, then you know that the application has a quick action set of tools. By swiping a message to left or right, you will see the set of icons and you’ll have the possibility to mark a message as “unread”, or to move it to a folder, or to spam, or delete it.

Use 2FA To Protect Mail

The two-factor authentication (2FA) will allow you to sign ion to Yahoo using a code that is sent to your phone, as a measure of precaution, if you have reasons to believe that some hacker is accessing your account after cracking your password. 2FA can be enabled in Account Security, being the fifth option in the list.