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People nowadays prefer to keep in touch with IM apps, mostly because they are free (some of them at least) and because they pack a great deal of neat features. Mobile messaging apps have become addictive and indispensable for most users, but they are not all the same and while some manage to stay on top, others are left behind. So, let’s see how these three messengers stack up against one another:


  • WhatsApp – with this app you can send multimedia content and even your location info with the aid of Google Maps. Your group chat allows 30 people to join in on the chat and emojis are definitely fun to use.
  • Viber permits voice calls (via 3G/ Wi-Fi) plus you can send all kinds of photos, videos and so on. There is also the Viber Desktop version, which you can use to call a buddy on a desktop. Of course it comes with stickers and emojis as well. The group chat supports 39 individuals.
  • WeChat also supports Video Calls and it also has the Live Chat feature. And because it has social add-ons you can make new friends by chance even. As for the features, you have Look Around, Shake, Drift Bottle and a lot more. Group chats on WeChat include 40 people.

Supported platforms:

  • WhatsApp supports the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone  BlackBerry, Nokia S40  and Nokia Symbian. WhatsApp costs $0.99.
  • Viber suports: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Bada, Windows. Mac and WeChat, This one is free of charge.
  • WeChat supports: iOS and Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia as well as Web WeChat. This one is also free.

Registration process:

  • WhatsAppusually needs a valid phone number if you wish to register. Once you have registered, the app will immediately scan the contact list on your device and it will identify who is already a WhatsApper.
  • Viber also needs a mobile number, but in this case the code will be sent via a SMS. The same strategy for the registration process applies to WeChat.

All of these IM apps are very fun and easy to use, regardless of the choice you make, but they are not alone as Hangouts and Skype are also worthy opponents.

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