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WhatsApp and Snapchat are two of the most used apps in the world right now.

While the former is very popular in almost all parts of the world apart from the United States of America, the latter has huge traction in the same country, boasting a daily user base of more than 100 million people.

On the other hand, WhatsApp reports that it has a monthly active user base of more than 900 million people, which makes it the most followed messaging app in the world right now.

As more and more people join WhatsApp, it sends a different message to marketers who are looking for ways to engage these huge user bases. SMS marketing is no longer the thing as people are turning to richer content such ass photos, videos and so on. While WhatsApp leads the way when it comes to exchanging text messages, Snapchat has it as far as video and photon sharing is concerned.

Snapchat introduced deep linking in a bid to let marketers utilize the SMS field. However, the chat app has been expanding day and night, bringing in support for live feeds as well as content and video functionality that have helped shoot its market valuation to about $16 billion. Facebook and Twitter are wary of this force, but they will enjoy learning that Snapchat’s usage is somehow becoming less active.

The debate of when WhatsApp will start monetizing its services is already taking shape now that the New Year is here. On the other hand, Snapchat is looking at much better ways of which its marketers can better buy as well as target their ads in a bid to improve its earnings and maybe justify it’s $16 billion valuations.

What’s the difference?

One thing that has been driving WhatsApp up the scales is the fact that it does not support ads on its platform. However, with the touted video calling feature coming in this year, the app might at some point incorporate ads in its videos.

At the moment, WhatsApp has more engagement than Snapchat. Stats show that the former has a higher rate of sharing photos (72%) as opposed to the latter (47%). Also, the same applies when it comes to text messages where WhatsApp boasts a massive 89% while Snapchat sits at 62%. The two, however, have the same levels of engagement when it comes to video sharing, both having 48% as Q3 2015.

The above stats show that the levels of engagement on WhatsApp are much better than what Snapchat gets. What this means is that the Facebook-owned app has a better chance of making it as a marketing tool than Snapchat. WhatsApp will provide marketers with a platform where they can instantly interact with customers by reacting to their messages with immediate effect, something that no customer hates.

Snapchat has it when it comes to video ads and according to the latest reports; the company is working with new APIs that will help marketers better display their ads to the right audience.