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By now it is a well known fact that WhatsApp was bought last year for the sum of

$19 billion dollars. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was behind this purchase and ever since, Facebook has been working on enlarging the WhatsApp user base. Currently, WhatsApp’s user base revolves around the 900 billion figure. The large number of users has propelled the messaging app in the top best IM apps of all times. This leaves Facebook Messenger app behind with only 700 million users.

WhatsApp’s video call feature and its impact on Facebook’s earnings

Facebook’s has major plans regarding WhatsApp and these imply the video calling option. Having such a feature on board, WhatsApp will be a worthy adversary for Apple’s popular FaceTime and of course Microsoft’s champion: Skype. The walls are definitely closing in on WhatsApp as it will be part of the major-league messaging services. Adding the video call element might draw in even more aficionados and in the end this could definitely be one of Facebook’s primary goals.

FaceTime currently has the video chat option, but this feature can be used only between those who share Apple devices. However, WhatsApp is planning to allow this video call to be performed among distinct devices.

WhatsApp’s user base is increasing day by day, but for now Facebook hasn’t spilled the beans on how it’s planning to transform the latter service into a mean money-making machine.

No one knows anything about M. Zuckerberg’s future plans; however one thing is for sure: Facebook will find a way to generate more income for all of the current features and the ones to come. We might find out more in the January meeting, where Zuckerberg might debate the income dilemma along with the video calling option that is closely tied in with the latter.