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WhatsApp’s developers are focusing more on the Android version, adding new features and improving the stability of the application, while the Windows Phone users are waiting for months until a new beta update is released. Recently, they were announced that the Windows Phone platform has received a beta version of WhatsApp, which brought a few changes.

The previous update came with many improvements and the fans were hoping that the developers will soon release a stable version with these changes. Instead, they brought another beta version and besides bug fixes, they included a new feature loved by many fans: emoji. The feature is already available on Android and iOS for quite some time and the Windows Phone users have begged WhatsApp to include it to this platform. So, now the feature is tested in the beta program and if there will be no problem in implementing it, then it will make it to the stable version as soon as possible.

WhatsApp 2.12.232 for Windows Phone made the application run smoother and the developers have removed the loading/resuming screen. The application’s speed has been increased and soon, the stable version will benefit from this improvement.

Since this is a beta version, in order to get it, you must be admitted into the beta program, by sending an email to, where you’ll introduce yourself and ask for enrollment as a Beta tester. At the end of the message you’ll add a text as signature, saying “Sent from my Windows Phone”, which will prove that you’re a Windows Phone user. If you’re lucky to be accepted, then you will provide a Microsoft Account email with which you’re be registered in the list of Beta Testers.

So, if you want to test out the newly added emoji characters and to enjoy the performance improvements, then be part of the Beta community.