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Twitter has been known for long, since its inception in 2006, to support short text messages of up to a maximum of 140 characters.

The sharp and short text messages, commonly referred to as tweets, are known for their conciseness.

With the ongoing reforms in Twitter led by Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s CEO), the app’s users will soon be able to read as well as type longer tweets with a potential of up to 10,000 characters. In a project termed as “Beyond 140”, sources acquainted with Twitter’s strategies and plans indicate that the firm is arranging for the project’s debut within 2016’s first quarter. The said project will enable users to engage in longer tweets than the usual 140-character limit. The unnamed sources also gave the new set limit of characters in a tweet as 10,000. This is also the present character limit permitted in the application’s Direct Message.

Is Twitter deviating from its core values?

Since its inception in 2006, the app has been known to support short and precise tweets that are straight to the point. This has been one of its core principles and probably one of its marketing tools. The preciseness and brevity displayed by tweets made the app more favorable among many users. This allowed and made people adopt common SMS slang as well as shorthand notations in posting tweets. Further, the 140-set limit of characters amplified the practice of URL shortening and content-hosting services.

According to a number of pundits, the move by Twitter to extend its character limit to 10,000 is perceived as drifting away from its initial core principles.

“Beyond doubt, Twitter is moving away from its fundamental principles a little bit here,” said Seth Fiegerman, who is a senior business reporter at Mashable. He adds that the firm is trying to slash or rather tweak some of its known values. From the reports given concerning the increase in character limit, Fiegerman argues that the initial 140 characters in a feed would be visible but a click to expand the tweet would reveal the rest of the text.

Surpassing the 140-character limit in a tweet is nothing new to a number of users on the application. With Twitter’s capability of supporting images, users can post screenshots having text messages that exceed the limit stipulated. The screenshots posted in a tweet may contain passages that are derived from other sources. Users also have access to third-party tools or services that are allowed on Twitter’s platform such as TwitLonger – an app that allows you to tweet longer texts.

Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users

It is still not clear how this move of exceeding the character limit in tweets would cause a big change to the Twitter’s clientele base that currently stands at over 300 million users. Many complaints were raised via the app over the rumored proposed change. A number of arguments suggested that Twitter is losing it by going their competitors’ way adding that the current limit made the app different from the rest.

Dorsey responded to the complaints via a screenshot message on Twitter.  He argues that giving the user a chance to outline content in searchable text than screenshots from other sources could give the content “more utility and power.” The CEO, however, outlines the app’s mode of messaging as simple, beautiful and quick.

According to latest stats and reports, Twitter’s performance is said to de declining with its competitors in the social network platform coming up with new strategies and increasing their user bases. Some term Twitter’s current situation to be “an identity crisis”.

The year is still fresh and with Jack Dorsey’s promises of making the app better, 2016 may be a year of Twitter’s turn around.