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Many investors are waiting for the day when WhatsApp will finally start making money out of its services.

But before this comes into play, there is still some unfinished business at the Facebook-owned chat app as it keeps on with its innovative ideas.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for a reported fee of $19 billion and ever since this move; the company has yet to monetize this app in any way. The app currently has more than 900 million monthly active users, a figure that is expected to be higher when the company makes its announcements later this month.

It’s not an easy thing to wake and say that WhatsApp has been monetized. A lot of testing is needed before the best way of getting the most out of this app without sabotaging users is found. Once Facebook CEO said that it gets sweeter when working with a billion people and as such, it is expected that the app will start generating cash for the company wants it reaches this mark.

Despite the delays in monetizing the app, Facebook hasn’t been deterred from adding better and innovative features to the app and according to the latest rumors; the newest feature to be added to the platform is WhatsApp video call, a feature that is expected to be a match-winner.

WhatsApp is a good chat app, but it will get better

The fact that more than 900 million people are on WhatsApp means that this app is loved for its greatness. Despite this, the developers are not quite contented with the current offerings, especially when they look at what competitors such as Skype, Viber and WeChat have to offer to the masses.

Recent reports suggest that Facebook is working on a new WhatsApp video calling feature that is aimed at taking on Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime.

Last spring, Facebook added WhatsApp voice calling to this behemoth; a feature that went on to be the major highlight of 2015. If WhatsApp video calls make their debut during this winter or in spring, it may as well end up being the biggest update of the app in 2016. There are suggestions that the app might receive this feature as early as January, but there is no confirmation from the company itself or close sources.

Even though WhatsApp leads the way when it comes to social life, the introduction of a video calling tool might see it change the roles of Skype, Hangouts and FaceTime as the prime business video calling tools. Unlike FaceTime, which is only tied to iOS, users of WhatsApp video calls will be able to keep in touch with people on different platforms, hence increasing the number of MAUs of the app.

One thing that remains true is that Microsoft, Google and Apple will not sit back and watch Facebook taking over their video calling clientele. However, the latter will have an upper hand when it comes to penetrating into each other’s space given its massive client base.

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