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The entry-level smartphone segment is important for any manufacturer, and this is no different in the case of the LG K7.

This entry-level smartphone is expected to be the real competitor for phones like the Moto E.


LG has taken a lot of cues from its higher end phones to make the LG K7 feel much better than just an entry-level product. It not only has the design elements from the high-end devices. Users may be slightly let down by the lack of a 720p screen. The 5-inch display on the LG K7 comes with a paltry 480 x 854 pixels, which renders the screen with a maximum of 196 PPI. These may be lower the normal smartphone standards of today, but there is no doubt that this screen can do the job.


The LG K7 is available with 8 GB or 16 GB of internal storage. Based on this aspect, the amount of RAM available to the user also changes. The starting version has just 1 GB of RAM whereas the LG K7 with 16 GB of storage has slightly better 1.5 GB of RAM. This makes a substantial difference when it comes to running the operating system. Even though the device only comes with the slightly older Android 5.1 operating system.

The specifications of the rear camera are once again dependent on the model chosen. The base version comes with a five-megapixel rear camera whereas the higher end model with 16 GB of storage has an eight-megapixel rear camera. The front camera, however, is standard on both models at five megapixels.


Even though the LG K7 will be positioned lower down the price range, the phone is equipped with a number of connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. LG, though, has yet to comment on the availability of radio feature on this phone. Still, the phone is not sparsely equipped and has a wide range of features that are powered by the 2130 mAh battery. Despite having a reasonably sized battery, the LG K7 cannot be criticized for being too bulky. The exact weight has not been revealed by LG yet, but it has a thickness of just 8.9 mm.

Prices of the device are expected to be around the $140 mark. It is the range where most of the competitors like the Moto E operate.