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Even if you are not using the internet frequently, we’re pretty sure that you have at least one mail account. However, there are many people who are using the internet everyday, which have two-three or even more mail accounts. Today we’re going to talk about two well-known mail services, which are Yahoo! Mail and Outlook and we’ll let you decide which one you will prefer to use in the future.


Both email services come with folders on the left side and the email list somewhere in the center of the page. In the upper right center you will have access to the account settings and options. Yahoo! Mail comes with a prominent search bar that’s found on the top-middle side of the page while Outlook comes with a smaller bar somewhere in the top-left corner.

Yahoo! Mail has a pretty easy interface and you will find the following options on the left side: Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash along with additional folders below them. You will also find the compose button somewhere on the top of the folders and above the email list you will see: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad and Yahoo! Messenger.

Outlook comes with a very simple and intuitive interface, where the Compose button is above the email list panel. When composing an email, the folders from the left will disappear. To edit contacts, you will have to click on the arrow that’s situated at the upper-left side and you will need that a drop-down appears. Here you will have to select “People”, choose a contact and click on the “Edit” button.


Yahoo! Mail offers 1TB of free storage and it doesn’t come with any monthly storage plans. On the other hand, Outlook offers only 5GB of free storage, but you can expand it up to 200GB by paying 4 dollars per month.