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SMS has ruled in the past, but now it’s time for mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat and more. Today, we’re going to talk about two popular mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber.

We’re going to make a comparison between these two mobile messaging applications and let you decide which one suits better your needs.


The WhatsApp application is available for multiple mobile operating systems such as: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia S40 and S60.

On the other hand, if you want to run Viber and you have a Nokia S40 device, we’re sorry, but you will not be able to install this application on your smartphone. However, Viber can be installed on mobile devices that run on Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android and Bada. In addition, Viber can also be installed on desktop computers that run on Windows or Mac OS.


The WhatsApp application comes with a very simple interface that will make your life easier while using this application. However, keep in mind that the interface depends from a platform to another. It is good to know that while using WhatsApp on Nokia S40, you will not be able to send emoticons and text in the same line and you will not be able to view the profiles of your friends properly. WhatsApp on BlackBerry and Symbian comes with the basic type of interface, while on Windows Phone, iOS and Android it has a standard blue/green colored user-interface. The Voice Calling feature is only available for smartphones that run on Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Mobile. There are rumors which say that the Video Calling feature will be added to this application, but this was not confirmed by the developers of the application.

On the other hand, Viber has the same white and purple colored interface on all platforms, whether you are running the mobile version or the PC version of the application. Viber is also very easy to use and allows you to make Voice and Video Calls, but these options are limited for devices that run on Nokia S40 Symbian.


While texting on WhatsApp and Viber, you will not use a lot of bandwidth. However, it seems that the Voice Calling feature that was added on the WhatsApp application was using a bit too much bandwidth, but this was fixed by the developers later.

On the other hand, the Voice Call feature that the Viber application comes with is a bit more stable than the one found on the WhatsApp application and it’s using less bandwidth.


Using the WhatsApp application you will be able to send images, videos, contacts, notes, GPS location and more. You can also set a profile image with your own photo and your own customized status. In addition, you will not need to login and log out everytime you want to use it. You will be able to receive messages while offline, as they will be stored in WhatsApp’s servers until you connect again to the internet and open the WhatsApp application. You will also be able to email your chats, send broadcast messages and join group chats to talk with two or more persons at the same time.

Viber can do the same things, but the Video Calling feature is a big plus that this application comes with. In addition, you will be able to use the Viber Out feature in order to make calls to both landline and mobile networks, but you will need to charge your account with credit.