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Searching for relevant Android Wear apps in app stores has been quite hectic for a number of users.

Users having their first experience on wearables that are supported by Android Wear are affected even more. To foster its adoption and easy discovery of apps running on Android Wear, Google has added a category for the platform’s apps to the Play Store. The Android Wear category on Google Play Store is available on the web and also on mobile platforms.

Released on March 2014, Android Wear is basically Android’s version that supports wearables such as watches. This operating system has embraced Google Now technology and it works through virtue of pairing with other mobile devices that run on both Android and iOS platforms. The paired devices should be running on the later versions of Android, as from 4.3 and version 8.2 or later of iOS. This Android OS’s version also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Currently, there are a number of available smartwatches that run on Android Wear such as LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Motorola Moto 360 and many more.

Android wear category in Play Store

Google has refreshed the ‘Category’ list in the Play Store thereby making it easier to locate the appropriate apps within the users’ context. There are a number of categories that include Business, Comics, Education, Finance, among others and now Android Wear has been introduced.

Under this newly introduced category, users will now also be able to download apps that are designed to run on Android Wear wearables. There are a variety of apps that are enlisted here that include health-related apps, apps that provide guides for new users, breaking news apps, games apps, weather apps, apps that enable the users to customize their wearables, amongst others.

With a vast majority of people around the globe having keen focus on heath matters, Android Wear offers apps that aid in activities that promote health fitness. These include apps that monitor one’s calorie expenditure, step-counting, heart rates, among many other matters.

Android Wear apps have recorded approximately one to five million installs

Despite the fact that synchronization of a wearable to a mobile device is required, the Play Store has recorded around one to five million app-installs related to Android Wear as of 2015. This is perceived as an inexact estimate. Reports say that 2015’s expansion of the OS’s compatibility to iOS might also be a factor to be considered in the numbers since the App Store does not show the number of Android Wear installs.

Location of appropriate apps within application stores has been a notable problem. Recently, Google has been at the forefront of introducing categories in Play Store for easier discovery by the users.

Categorizing the apps in the app stores appropriately will enhance easier discovery and also save time in getting desired applications. There are anticipations for the inclusion of the ‘Table’ category that would see apps that are supported by tablet devices getting easily located in the Play Store.

If you own a wearable that is supported by Android Wear, just go to the Play Store  and get your favorite and appropriate apps that would enhance your experience with this OS.

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