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There have been squabbles between Facebook and Google over the social media testing possibilities of installing Facebook-made apps for users and its infringement into the searching field which is currently monopolized by Google.

This move has prompted Google to issue threats on a possibility of cutting off Facebook’s Android app from Play Store.

It’s not a surprise to hear Facebook and Google are at logger heads given the two compete directly in search and ad platforms. Facebook is reportedly ready for any eventuality incase the rivalry goes beyond repair. The social media giant has allegedly been working on a master plan on occasion that Google pulls out its Android app from the Play Store. Facebook has been working on the plan for years according to the same report. It would start by coming up with its own services to handle functions like in-app payments, notifications and app updates offered by Google Play-enabled apps.

Facebook gets an alternative way of downloading its Android app

Facebook has researched on alternative ways of downloading its app outside Play Store and a substitute to Google Maps for information on location. It carried a test in a small country in relation to this. People were required to download the app by following a link. The test was a success. According to reports from The Information, Facebook could also use Oculus VR app store as an alternative to install and update its Android app. Oculus VR app store is already installed on some Samsung phones.

Another valid option is to work directly with manufacturers so that phones come with Facebook’s app pre-installed. A different report in The Information says Facebook is considering offering services like notifications and in-purchases on Android phones, mainly in Russia, China and other places where Google does not command much space. Facebook will also introduce its app store.

The company has gone ahead to test the importance of its app to the users and how much they depend on it. The research that involved crashing bugs was to find out if the users would opt to do without the app if they could no longer access its built-in app on Play Store. Many people would prefer using mobile website to losing contact with their friends, according to a report by the researchers.

Pulling Facebook’s app a double edged sword

The move will as well be a major hit on Google. It will be a suicidal act for Google to cut off the app as it will be a key impediment to the Play Store and as well loose a source of in-app revenue. Google charges some small fee on apps using its services, eliminating Facebook with over 500 million users will be too costly. Also, this will let Facebook abandon Play Store due to too many restrictive policies.

Facebook is not so badly off even if the two competing IT platforms part company. Mark Zuckerberg, who has proved to be so competitive and his team are expected to come up with a long lasting tool to overcome this misfortune.

Facebook’s experiments to implant itself into Android devices have always collapsed. The company has tried over the past to make standby apps for core Android tasks as well as going further to develop its own Android phone and launcher. This a great challenge to the company and it prefers holding fire at least for a while.

Facebook refused to comment while its suspected Google had already seen this coming at least from a distance. However, it’s not verified if it knew of this contingency before this disclosure.