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WhatsApp is the application that everyone is talking about. Currently, it has more active users than any other application (over 900 million) and most of them own either an Android smartphone or an iPhone, while the rest of the users have a device running on one of these operating systems: Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 OS, Symbian, or S40. The version for Windows Phone rarely gets updates and the users wait even months until the developers “remember” about them. The good news is that they’ve just released v2.12.232 with a few changes.

The owners of a Microsoft device running on Windows Phone are able to update their phones to v2.12.232, which is in beta phase and it improved the startup speed of the application. This means that WhatsApp will open without any delay when it’s sent to the background, but some users have noticed a 1 second loading screen, after the application is killed in the background. But, that’s not a real issue and it may not appear on all users’ screens. Anyway, WhatsApp for Windows Phone is now more stable, so you won’t encounter annoying bugs.

The application supports now starred messages, just like the Android version, which means that when you tap and hold on a message from a chat, you will be able to “star” it, so you will find it easier. This feature works like bookmarking a website on a browser. And to browse starred messages in WhatsApp, you will simply go to menu > starred messages.

Also, the camera has been improved, so when you’re opening it from a chat, you can select a recent photo from the camera roll. In addition, the Greek speakers will be able to install the application in this language.

Remember that last year, WhatsApp has received an important feature – voice calling, which was added later for the Windows Phone version. Besides, the users who own a computer, can log into their accounts using the web client and one of the supported browsers: Opera, Firefox or Chrome.