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Gmail and Yahoo! Mail are two popular mail services that are used by many people. Today we’re going to reveal some information about both mail services and you will decide which one is worth using.

User Interface

Gmail comes with a cleaner interface than Yahoo! Mail. If you are an old Yahoo! Mail user, you will be surprised how well and organized are all tabs in Gmail.

Email and Instant Messenger Integration

Both Gmail and Yahoo! Mail come with Instant Messaging integration that allows you to send instant messages to all your contact that are online fast and easy. In the past, Yahoo! Mail didn’t have this feature, but it seems that in time they’ve decided to bring it to the mail also. In addition, the instant messaging application that’s inside the Yahoo! Mail has even more options that the ones found on Gmail and it looks a bit better.


Gmail shines when it comes to attachments. Once you are done with your e-mail message, you will be able to quickly and easily attach as many files as you want. Unfortunately, Yahoo! Mail is not able to do this and you will need to go to a separate screen in order to put two or more attachments and you will be able to put up to five files without being required to add more boxes manually.

Attachment Sizes

Another awesome thing with Gmail is that you will be able to attach bigger files than on Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! Mail allows you to attach files up to 10MB while Gmail allows you to attach files up 20MB. Gmail is once again better than Yahoo! Mail.

Folders vs. Labels

Yahoo! Mail is still using the old folder organization which in our opinion is not the best way to organize your e-mail account. On the other hand, Gmail allows comes with labels and allows you to put one message in two different labels. This is very useful if you have an email that should be placed in two different categories.