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If you aren’t accustomed with Gmail and its features, this detailed list will reveal some of the most useful ones. Gmail is a well known webmail service that offers 15 GB of storage and it was first made public back in 2007. If you’re in need of plenty of free storage, 15 GB to be more precise, this is one solid reason to start using Gmail. Keep in mind that the latter storage option is also shared with Google + Photos and Google Drive. Using Gmail has its perks and here are some of them explained in detailed:

  • Google Hangouts helps you keep in touch

Google Hangouts is the perfect way to keep in touch with your loved ones or co-workers even. You can use the latter to send multimedia content or even make video calls.

  • Relevant messages can be marked using Stars

The most important or urgent messages can be starred in your inbox. If you want to star it, go ahead and click on the symbol that is located left of the person’s name. If the email is open, hit the “More” knob and then choose the prompt “Select star”.

  • The Settings knob can help you tweak Gmail

If you go to Settings, you can easily lay out the display density, check out more themes and see more advanced settings as well. Give it a go!

  • Can’t find an important message? Use the Search Box

Google Search is the perfect tool to go searching for messages. Go ahead and enter a word and click the blue colored knob and then click enter. Also if you tap on the small arrow on the search box, you have access to other options. So, you can narrow down your search even more by looking for an email based on the following criteria: “From”, “To”, “Subject” message content and more.

  • Your conversations are grouped into threads

Your emails are quickly systematized based on the subject, so each time you view an email reply, you should know that the previous email will appear in a vertical thread arrangement.

  • Text can appear on knobs instead of pictures

If you want to have text and not icons marking the “Action knob”, there is way you can change this setting. To do so, head on to “Settings” (gear knob) and then choose “Settings” (see drop-down menu). You will have to scroll down and look for the “Button labels” category and then pick and “Text” option. You’re not done yet as you still have to go down and click “Save Changes.”

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