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There are many users who complain that they have many emails in their Gmail accounts and they can’t select them all and delete them. However, before you can mark, move or delete multiple conversations in Gmail, you will have to select them.

At first, it appears that you can’t select more conversations than you can see, as Gmail can’t display more than 100 conversations at a time, but there is a trick and today we’re going to tell you about it.

First of all, Gmail organizes messages into threads called conversations. So, before you select 100 conversations, you will have to know how to search for the right ones. In Gmail, you are able to search for an email by the name of the sender, email address, a phrase that’s inside the email, a word and more.

However, there are a few more things that you should know, for example if you search for, you will get conversations with that address anywhere in the conversations. However, if you search for “from:”, you will search ONLY for the emails that you’ve received from that specific email address.

You can also search for “unread conversations” by typing “is:unread” in the search box. You can search for emails that you’ve received before and after a specific date. For example, for searching for emails that you’ve received after January 5, 2016, you will need to type in the search box “after: 2016/01/05”. If you want to search for email that you’ve received before a specific date, just use “before: year/month/day”.

To search for all your mail, you will just need to go to the list of labels from the left side and click on the “More->All Mail”. Let’s say that you’ve found a group of conversations that you want to move or delete. You can select them in batches of 100 by clicking on the “square” button that’s located at the left of the “refresh” button or at the bottom of the “search box” as shown in the picture below.

addBy doing this, you will select all the conversations that are currently visible and you will notice a message saying that “All 100 conversations on this page are selected”, but you will also see that you have an option that you can select, which says “Select all conversations that match this search”. By clicking on the “Select all conversations that match this search”, you will select and delete more than 100 conversations with a single click. Enjoy!