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GoPro has a great iOS application; however, the digital camera company has come in with a much better offering in the shape of Apple Watch integration, making this application an even better match.

The update to the GoPro for iOS app was unveiled on Thursday and other than coming in with fixes to errors and improvements in performance, the new update also brings along, for the first time, an Apple Watch app. Essentially, the new application is a wrist-mounted remote control meant for the most important functions of GoPro.


Users of this gadget no longer have to depend on their iPhones when trying to work around the device and instead, the most basic functions such as starting and stopping a recording can be accessed right from the wrist. In addition, functions such as previewing shots as well as adding “HiLight” bookmarks will be accessible from this Watch app.

Limited compatibility

Even though GoPro has unveiled an amazing application for its huge fan base, there is still a limitation as to who can really use this new Watch app. The company says that the application will only work with cameras equipped with Wi-Fi, including the GoPro Hero 3. However, those using the Hero 2 that features Wi-Fi Bacpac and Hero 3 will not be able to take advantage of shots previewing.

Videographers are already enjoying the capabilities of GoPro for iOS app as it lets them accurately setup and record any footage, given that these cameras tend to be mounted in locations that are inaccessible and usually many don’t have viewfinders.

Now that there is a new Apple Watch app, it makes works a lot easier for these videographers as they can conveniently carry out the most essential functions right from their wrists.


There is no doubt that the GoPro iOS app is an integral part of these devices’ users. On the contrary, using a phone to record can at some point be the destruction to the action itself. With a Watch app, the whole thing feels less intrusive thanks to the fact that everything is accessible right from the wrist.

As the Apple Watch tries to find relevance all over, the introduction of a GoPro feature would certainly be a targeted move since not all users of this device will take pride in this update, but only owners of this amazing GoPro camera.