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A new Google Play Store has been released for Android devices. The Google Play Store 6.0.5 comes with many bug fixes and changes that will surely make many users happy, the new Google Play Store also includes two sections: “Entertainment” and “Apps & Games”.

The “App & Games” has all the applications and games that you may want to install on your Android, while the “Entertainment” has music, books and movies. With other words, from now on, you will not see the books and applications in the same area in the store.

Aside from splitting the store into two, the new Google Play Store version is responding way faster to swipes and taps. The store is looking much more like an application now that you want to spend more time in and not just quickly join, grab an application and get out of there as soon a possible.

Google Play Store 6.0.5 also comes with some visual changes and as soon as you will open the new version of the store, you will see a few changes and tweaks in the user interface.

The Google Play Store 6.0.5 will start rolling out to Android devices over-the-air in the upcoming days, but depending on your device and region/country you live in, this might take longer.

However, if you don’t want to wait for the OTA update, you can instead download the Google Play Store 6.0.5 APK file from the internet and manually install it on your Android device, keep in mind that this version of the Google Play Store will be compatible and ready for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

If you’ve already downloaded and installed the Google Play Store 6.0.5 on your Android device, please leave a message below and tell us if you like the latest Google Play Store version or if you’ve found any issues or bugs inside it.