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Despite coming in a little later that other major apps such as Facebook Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger, Google Hangouts has finally made it to the prestigious Apple Watch.

Ever since watchOS2 came into play, it has been possible for users of this Apple-based wristwatch to download and install chat apps on the watch and use these apps directly to chat with friends without the need of using an iPhone like with most wearables.


Google has been pushing lots of amazing updates to the Hangouts platform in the recent past, with an aim of staking its share of the ever growing internet messaging market. This ability to work on the Apple Watch follows the recent update that saw the search engine giant add a feature that lets users invite guest users to Hangouts meetings even if the latter do not have Google accounts.

In short, what Google is doing with this application is to find ways of spreading its usage to as many people and devices as possible. The new watchOS2 update was released on Monday and it brought some performance updates to the iOS platform as well.

What the Hangouts update does to Apple Watch users

The new and updated version of Google Hangouts for watchOS2 has already been availed in the Apple App Store for free download. According to a report by Slash Gear, the new Hangouts 6.1 will enable users of the premium wristwatch read as well as respond to incoming messages; however, these interactions will largely be restricted to voice-based commands. To send a written response, one will have to depend on the few pre-written options available on the application. Otherwise, the only way to work out with the app on this watch is by use of dictation in order to respond to messages. Alternatively, you can just stick to using the iPhone to respond to notifications.


As mentioned earlier, the updated version of Hangouts can be accessed by visiting the App Store and once downloaded, simply let your fingers and voice start doing the magic via the Apple Watch. Furthermore, it was noted that this Google-based chat app is late to come to the Watch when compared to other apps such as Messenger.

However, it is a huge step for the search engine giant as it has finally brought its chat app to a device or rather platform of its closest rival in the market.