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If you own a lower end iPhone or iPad, there is good news for you as Google has brought the new space saver feature on its Photos for the iOS app.

The update also brings Shared Albums to all platforms – Android, iOS and the web – which makes sharing of photos and videos a lot easier.

This is good news for 16GB iPhone and iPad owners as this update had initially rolled out for Android users only.

At the moment, users of Google Photos for iOS can already upload high-resolution photos to the cloud for free. However, if you wish to upload full resolution photos to this cloud storage, you will only have a limit of 15GB storage space for free and in case you want more, you will have to pay. The good thing is that with the Photos app, you will still be able to access your photo library on all major platforms without any impacts on the local storage.

Now that Google has updated the Photos app with a new space saver feature, you will be able to actively tell the application when your local storage is diminishing or simply if you just want to free up some space on your device. It’s easy to do this, you only need to press a button that will then offload the photos you have already uploaded to the cloud and keep the ones that are yet to be uploaded. This button can be found in the settings section of the app.

This is not the best news for Apple as the iPhone maker also has an offering of its own with respect to cloud photo storage services. Using the paid iCloud Photo Library, users can still optimize free storage, but Cupertino only offers 5GB free space. If you need more cloud storage, you will have to part with a fee ranging from $0.99 to $9.99 to get 50GB to 1TB of space.

Shared Albums makes its way to the iOS

In September, Google promised that it will roll out the Shared Albums feature before this year ends. The search engine giant has lived up to its promise as the new Google Photos for iOS also comes with this new feature.

Users will now be able to send invitations to friends who can then come in to view and if they wish, contribute to the albums created via Photos. It is possible to create Shared Albums directly from your Google Photos collections and then invite anyone across all platforms. The invitation must be accepted by the recipient and once this happens, you can further allow them to come in with their own shots and even better the Shared Album. Google has also incorporated a notification system where all participants will be notified whenever a new photo or video is added to the Shared Album.

Apple has a similar offering, where the users can share photos and videos with other users on iOS and Macs via iCloud Photo Sharing. It is also possible to view albums on the web; however, Google Photos has the advantage of adding Android to the platforms that Apple’s platform supports.

The update to Google Photos for iOS is available for free via the App Store. Get it now and take advantage of the new space saver plus the Shared Albums features.