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With the powerful CPU and the fabulous graphics chip, the iphone 6S is something that you will every want to have. Why not take advantage of these splendid hardware features of the iPhone 6S and have some real action. Here are some of the hottest games that you will love to have in your phone. These games are:

  • AG Drive:


In this game, you are going to enjoy 3D Touch and there are so many other features that you will get to know once you enter into the game.  With so many of the players’ mode, you can race around on a magnetic track and have the modes like cup, elimination, time trial, etc. you get to purchase new vehicles as well when you win the races. The prices for this game are $3.99.

  • TouchFish:

You have to manufacture a whole aquarium for your fish in this game. There is the variety of saltwater and freshwater fishes that you can raise by feeding them. Your buddyfish can shift his mood as per your mood too. If you have an Apple Watch, then you can check out from your wrist that how is your buddy fish doing. You can play with your fish and teach him many tricks as well. With the huge screen of iPhone 6S Plus, you can enjoy the game more.

  • Monument Valley:


This game is said to be the best one puzzle game that iPhone could ever have in ages. As you clear levels, you will get to see different stories and it will get bit tough as well. There is some very distinctive sort of graphics that none of the other gaming developers have been able to copy.

  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout

If you like to be that filthy shooter who shoots at the first sight, then you need to get the Modern Combat 5: Blackout at the very first place. There are options to play with other players or as a single player. The play styles include Heavy, Sniper, Assault, Support and Recon. Either wins the fight in solo performance or with the whole squad.

  • Need for Speed No Limits:


In this game, you can race to all the ends and can manufacture your own customized car. Here are cars like Porches 911, BMW M4, and McLaren along with many well known brands. The customization has no end in this game. You can take part in the tournament or race with the other players as well.

  • FIFA 16 Ultimate Team:

You get the fun of playing the FIFA with the console like feeling on your iPhone 6S. If you want to have your own team of favorite players, then you can simply make it too. There are more than 500 teams and 10,000 players. With the gestures and other controls, the ball can move as per your wish. With this game, you will be on other level of gaming on your iPhone 6S.


As you see that there are so many games from which you can choose anyone you want. So, get them and make most of this awe-inspiring iPhone 6S machine.