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There are many amazing features have been introduced by the Apple in its new iOS 9. If you want to know about them, then here are some of them:

  • As soon as you reach down the battery level of 20%, the activity of your background apps will be switched off. You can enable by simply going to the Settings – click on Battery and choose the option of Low Power Mode.
  • Looking for your scattered photos all over the Photo app is much feasible now. You just have to order Siri that “Photos from Chicago” or “Photos from last month”.
  • As you tap twice on the Home button, you will get an access to the Apple Pay and this is from where you make all the payments, collects your boarding pass, and responds to your event invitations.
  • With the Wi-Fi assist option, you can automatically disconnect from the signals and use the mobile internet. You can do it by going to the Settings option, click on to Mobile Data, and go to the down side for activating it.
  • The great feature for many of us that just by going to the Contacts, we can check that whether we want to Message them, FaceTime with them or simply make a call. From the spotlight, you can search for the contact, and there you will all those buttons.
  • Now you can write either in small or big alphabets as per your choice in this new iOS 9.
  • We thought its only Android’s feature to let us draw the pictures, but with the updated iOS 9, we can now make drawings with our fingers. There are choices of many colors along with pencil, fineliner, and marker.
  • The maps have got many times improved in this new iOS. You get to see the real-time transportation information and your journey is way easier now.
  • Now you do not have to run all the way to the Settings tab, finding apps or other setting options. Just simply write the thing you want in the Settings tab.
  • When you scroll to the Home Screen on left side, you can search for everything that is present in your iPhone. Make a call, do the navigation, use Google, listen to the music, etc.
  • Siri can be silent as well. if you have your phone on Silent, then you can switch it off by going to the Settings, click on General, Choose Siri and click on to the Voice Feedback, here, you will see the option of Control With Ring Switch option, simply select it.
  • You can straight away get to the Music app as soon as you plug in the headphones. You just have to swipe it as you see it.
  • You do not need to do anything as soon as you are on iPhone. The see prate folders for Selfies, Screenshots, Favorites are now present in your Photos app.
  • You had the option of choosing four digits as your password earlier, but now you can make a choice of 6 digits as you move on to this new version.
  • Te option of hide photos is also very happening for those who do not want them to show up in the main album or in any other one.
  • There is all new iCloud Drive with this new version. You can activate it by going to the Settings, iCloud Drive, and click on Show On Home Screen.
  • With the quick app navigation option, which can be seen at the left top of the screen, it has now become very easy to use multiple apps at a time.