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This is about the 10 best apps on Google Play Store that I found very useful and must-have apps that I constantly use for my everyday life and for travels. I am bit of a gamer myself so I will share with you the games I have enjoyed recently.

To be honest, I am using an iPhone and these 10 best apps are available for both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. I have used and trust these apps and would still get them even I had an Android phone.

1. Snapseed


Snapseed app from Google saves a lot of hastle when enhancing pictures to share as I am not a professional photographer but I do love photography and sharing good looking pictures with my friends and family.

The app saves a lot of space as you can overwrite the picture after enhancing the original picture you have edited. Therefore you don’t have to go to your gallery to remove the unwanted pictures.

You can get this great app for free from the Google Play Store.

2. Google Photos

Another space saver app from Google that was unveiled a few weeks ago called Google Photos. This app is good for backup and storage of your photos in the unlimited cloud storage.


One of the best features of the app is Shared Album in which you can easily share your pictures and videos with your friends and family. Recipients can add their own photos and videos as the albums can become collaborative.

Surprisingly, Google Photos is free for both Android and iOS – that makes it easy to get pictures along both platforms.

3. Spotify

In terms of listening to music, Spotify is still the best app so far for this year. It is worth subscribing if you are really into getting new songs and creating offline playlist for workout music.


Other than that, you can get what your friends are listening to and share what kind of playlist turns you up. As privacy matters, you can hide and keep what you are listening to yourself.

4. Whatsapp

Whatsapp from Facebook is still the best app to get along with new friends and family wherever you are. As long as you have a clear internet connection you can make a clear voice call – voice call feature was officially issued early this year demanded by most of users from more than 900 million based Whatsapp app users. Other than voice calls and voice messages features – you can also share pictures and videos in a group chat of your friends and family in instant.

What’s more is once you have delivered the messages you can check to see either if the messages have successfully been delivered or the recipients have seen the messages with small double tick notifications along your messages. This is quite a powerful feature for you.

5. Messenger by Facebook

There is no doubt Facebook aims to connect more people with Facebook Messenger app that will easily connect through all your contacts and Facebook friends and get to text personally or by group chats. Texting is fun but you do more than with Messenger.

Video calls with HD call which is with clearer voices and never any more closer whenever you have face-to-face conversations with friends and family across the world.

6. Waze

I must agree that this is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Moreover, you could save a lot of time to avoid real-time traffic jams that share among other drivers in your area with Waze.


Waze automatically gives you the shortest and less busy route for you once you have decided on the location you want to get to. As you save on miles you will also save on gas as you get report prices at the pump by other Waze drivers.

Your co-pilot will not bore anymore and they just get along and make new friends in the app. Waze is totally free on Google Play Store. :)

7. Google Translate

Recently I travelled to Tokyo where English is not their main language and I don’t speak Japanese. I have saved a lot of hastle by using the Google Translate app for basic words and short sentences whenever I want to communicate with them. Of course I have made new friends too.


Beware of using long sentences to direct translate other languages but most of the time I have managed to get along and easily understand other languages.

8. WordPress

This app has always kept me company wherever I go and updates this blog across hours of travelling. I am not constantly travelling but whenever I am not with my laptop this app is a save; anytime and anywhere in the matters of how I strike inspirations for work.

The push notifications feature really did save me a lot of hastle to keep up with my site’s activity whenever I am away from my desk. With just a small gesture to my screen – nothing is impossible.

9. Foursquare

This is the easiest way to get local searches and recommendations – from street foods to 5 star hotels. Foursquare saved me a lot from trouble whenever my friends visit my hometown; with tips and expertise given in the app along with sorted recommendations.

You can sort things out by saving what you like and Foursquare will process and be able to recommend nearby places you that match your likings. Now that is a great app you have!

10. Flipboard

There is always an app that provides you updated news and stories for you to keep and share. Flipboard is known as a magazine-format mobile app localised in more than 20 languages. Here how it works, Flipboard app software collects content from social media such Facebook, Google Plus and other websites then presents it in magazine format for users.

That is one good app to keep up with stories and news. To get more app recommendations and reviews, check out other entry here (link).

Do you love any of the apps above, or would you love to recommend any new apps below (comment section) for me?