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While everyone around the world might be very familiar with WhatsApp and its operations, not all of them are familiar or have even come across messaging and calling app LINE.

WhatsApp is very popular around the world, boasting a user base of more than 900 million people. Its popularity can be associated with the fact that it originated from the west and then acquired by another very popular western company, Facebook. On the other hand, LINE Messenger is very popular when it comes to Asia, to be precise, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

The app originated from Japan, but it is widely used in Thailand. Just like WhatsApp, users of LINE, which the company claims are well over 600 million as of 2015, can use the app to send free messages as well as make free calls. However, LINE adds more spices to its services, coming in with free video calling services, a sticker shop, and in-app games as well as commercial services such as LINE Pay.

The many services and features that are offered on LINE have made it such a popular app in Asia, but the app has yet to hit theground in the West as well as Europe.

Targeting the West

In a bid to get more Western and European,people to know of its existence as well as join its platform, LINE has launched a new social networking application known as Tale. The standalone app is powered by hashtags where users can share texts, photos, links as well as videos. These posts can also be rated by fellow Tale users who cast up and down votes, just like with the case of Reddit.

To comment, cast a vote or post in on the platform, users need to create a Tale account or simplylogin with Facebook.

As of now, many posts that are appearing on the social networking platform are jokes and memes. However, changes are expected to start creeping in as more developments and improvements come to Tale. The company labels the app as a platform where any and every content type is allowed, be it bizarre, hilarious or inspirational. The content here will be availed via the convenience of hashtags.

The company further says that the content that will be posted on Tale will include “unfiltered discussions, real-time hashtag ranks as well as an inbuilt photo and video editor.”

As of now, LINE’s Tale is only available in the U.S. and even though there is no word of when the social networking platform will hit other markets, it is expected to come soon, but it will probably base on its performance in the first market.