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There are times when you have deleted text messages from your SMS storage and then suddenly realize that you require the messages or even the message badly.

There is no need to worry; though you have to act swiftly upon realizing that you need the message(s).

Recovery of lost messages is only possible if the memory that supported the text messagesis not rewritten. As such, acting quickly saves the memory portion where the messages were initially saved; which would otherwise be occupied by an update of an application or even a file download within a short span.

Tools of Recovery

There are various Mac and PC-based tools that are available for textmessages recovery. The preferred choice of tool depends on the user. For instance, some of these tools do more than just message recovery; some require the user to purchase them whereas some are free. They primarily work to recover messages via scanning the OS (Android) memory, identifying the messages and recovering the deleted messages.

The tools come in theform of programs such as Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android and Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery, among many others.

For instance, when using Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android, there are a number of steps to be followed. The user has first to activate the Developer optionson his or her Android mobile phone. To achieve this, you go to ’Settings’ then scroll down to ‘About phone’. Under this option, long press on ‘Build number’ till you is notified that the ‘Developer options’ has been enabled.

Move one step back to the previous screen and head to the ‘Developer Options’ and select ‘USB debugging’ (check if it is enabled, if not enable it). Depending on the Android version, there is either a box where a tick activates it or a switch that a simple flip activates the debugging. After this, download the tool and connect your phone to a computer. Right in the recovery program, follow the prompts to identify and scan your Android phone’s memory.

Note and remember

Upon the completion of this process, you can peruse and preview all the data on your Android device, before the deletion. Remember that as long as the memory portion that held the data you are interested in is not occupied by the earlier mentioned factors, and then you can still be able to retrieve your messages using the above steps with the mentioned tool.

SMS Backup and Restore

To avoid the process of retrieving the deleted data, you can as well take caution and back up your data. It’s easy and straightforward; download and install a free app known as SMS Backup & Restore.

Open the app on your phone and select ‘Backup’. You will be offered with a list of what you desire to back up. Immediately after selecting the items to be backed up, select the mode of backup; either ‘Local Backup only’ (data will be backed on the device storage) or ‘Local Backup and Upload’ (where data is backed to the cloud either your email account,Dropbox or Google Drive) and tap OK.

Tap ‘Restore’ on the home screen of the app to recover the messages that were backed up. On the ‘Restore Backup’ window hit the backup name that is on the list to restore it(for local storage). For backup stored in the cloud; hit on the three-dotted menu at the top right of the window and tap on ‘Load’. From here, you can choose the cloud service that the data was stored on.

This restoring app has a number ofadditional options such as password protection on the overflow menu under the ‘Preferences’.