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Whether you own a smartphone or an ordinary mobile phone, the camera is undoubtedly one feature that you will surely make maximum use of.

Truly a photographer’s delight, there are a horde of apps for your Windows smartphone to make taking your favorite shots really pleasurable. And if you are worried about having to pay to install these apps on your handset, you can safely put this fear to rest. While most apps are free, those that require payment are also well within affordable limits and do not hamper your budget. Go ahead and explore the filters in these apps to add some special effects to create one of a kind photos and videos. In this article, we present you with a list of camera apps that we feel you will enjoy experimenting.

My 500px

Well, this app does not allow you to make changes to your existing photographs. But, it does this wonderful job of allowing you to share your masterpieces on a social site. You can also enjoy looking at others’ photographs and follow or comment on them like you do on a social site. You can also edit your profile on this site. Moreover, you can integrate this free app with Windows phone lock functionality to display a selected pic from the My 500px as your lock screen wall paper. Professional or amateur or hobbyist – no matter who you are, this site is truly a delight.


Although the name of the app says ‘One’ in it, you can do more than just one thing with the free app. With a whole lot of features, there are various aspects worth exploring. In other words, you can customize every little bit of your photo. Additionally, consider exploring the multitude of filters that you can apply on the photograph that you are planning to take. Voice Control is an interesting function that is a must try out to include voice with the photo.


If you are lazy like me to try out various photo editing techniques, then LazyLens is the right app for you. Exploring the gamut of inbuilt filter and frames, photo manipulation has never been easier. There is a separate set of filters for making some basic adjustments like contrast, saturation and brightness. The app also allows you to crop and rotate pictures.

Sketch Camera

Want to make the photographs taken with your camera phone look as if they were drawn by you? Then the very reasonably priced Sketch Camera app is the one for you. With more than 10 filters, you can make various trials to create the hand drawn effect you have in mind. In other words, you can create the same effects that you find on photographs taken in Van Gogh booths in shopping malls.


For those of you that Instagram is not available in the Windows store like on the other operating systems, do not despair. 6Tag is here to do what Instagram has to offer. Go ahead and use this free app to apply filters or create a collage or even upload your favorite photos and videos. Additionally, tag your photos and add a comment. Get connected with other 6Tag users and browse or comment on their photographs.

Strange Camera

This free app has some unique features that no other camera app has supported to date. For example, you can make the photo appear as if it was taken in a background of bubbles. You can also warp a photograph to give it a scary feel. However, it is worth noting that this app is intended to only create fun effects. If you want some serious or artistic effects, then maybe you should be laying your hand on some other app.


Panorama lovers would enjoy playing with this free app that allows you to capture 60-degree panoramic shots. You can join interesting photographs together that can be moved in any direction. Finally, all the joined shots can be uploaded together as a single photo. This is a good tool to create a cover photo for your Facebook profile.


With Blink, you can take various shots using your camera even before you actually press on the shutter key. You do not have to worry if you accidentally click the shutter half way through. The free app continues to take shots even after this is done.  When you are done, you can select the best click and save it for sharing with your buddies. This is where Blink plays its role very well. Just before sharing, use this app to give the photo an animated effect. One interesting point about Blink is that it works very well even if you plan to capture your shot in low light conditions.