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It is not the first time stories of Apple’s planned release of iPhone 6C are coming up.

In fact, the rumors have grown in numbers in the recent past such that it is even becoming harder to believe whether this device is a real product or just an imagination.

The latest revelations, however, look a little more like it that Apple will soon be releasing a budget 4-inch smartphone. However, the report says that the phone will first be announced in January and the release to come later on in February. Apparently, Chinese website G for Games reports that the new iPhone 6C will not feature the same design materials as those on the older iPhone 5C. Rather, it seems Apple is working on a metal body, and the phone will come in various color variants.

Less features for a reduced price

As far as pricing is concerned, the site reveals that the pint-sized 6C will be a lot cheaper than the current flagships, costing between $400 and $500. Even though this device will come at a reduced cost, Apple will equip it with fewer features as compared to its major premium phones.

One major distinctive feature between the iPhone 6 and 6S is the 3D Touch feature. However, it seems Apple will be releasing the new phone without this pressure-sensitive feature.  According to the latest reports, Apple will equip the iPhone 6C with the Touch ID feature as well as support for Apple Pay.

As mentioned earlier, it is not the first time news about a possible smaller iPhone 6C coming soon is doing rounds on the web. This has been here for months now, with some of them even claiming that the device would be released in September this year. However, things did not materialize as Cupertino only rolled out the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It seems as if these rumors are just coming out of experts’ wishful thinking or are they actual manufacturing Intel?

What remains to be a rear happening of for Apple to roll out a smartphone during the low-season (after holiday). Nonetheless, it seems the company wants to find ways of keeping sales at the top even during this post-holiday period by rolling out a budget and smaller iPhone for lovers of 4-inch devices.

Would you prefer the nip-sized 4-inch iPhone if it is unveiled this coming Q1 2016? Have your say in the comments below.