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Today’s news revolve around the Fallout 4 update that was highly anticipated by gamers, the lowdown on the new Super Yacht included in GTA 5 Online and last but not least, the upcoming DLC launch of Activision that might just be in the hands of Call of Duty fans, so better stay close.

Even though Bethesda unveiled the Fallout 4 update a week ago, there are various complaints and it seems that not all PS4 fans have received the upgrade. It seems that Patch 1.2 has not reached Taiwan and Indonesia, this leading to discontent among gamers. All seems to point to Sony’s Asian division, which apparently made a big gaffe, however no solution has been found yet.

GTA 5 Super Yacht Lowdown

In other news, GTA Online fans will be happy to hear that there are several new details circulating in the online environment. These concern the Super Yacht element, which will be part of the new DLC Executives and Other Criminals release.

It seems that gamers will have the ability to personalize this boat and include defense armory, a neat helicopter pad and even a hot-tub. Yes, you heard it. This Super Yacht comes with a lot of perks. And that’s not all, as this vessel also comes packed with radar which will allow you to detect any nearby enemies. Also this new update permits you to hire or even dismiss your own personal defense squad, in short bodyguards.

Changing topics, it seems that Call of Duty fans might just be in charge of deciding what will the new content of Activision imply. We are talking about the upcoming DLC for Black Ops 3. Apparently, gamers received a survey as the company was eager to find out their opinions on diverse subjects, including the COD maps and more. The whole idea behind this was to learn more about the opinions of the gamers, so that their answers may contribute to the upcoming DLC release.