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Executive and Other Criminals Update has just been released for the GTA Online. Unfortunately for the Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, this update was not released for these two consoles, as the developers are starting to leave these old consoles behind, mostly because of the outdated specs they have.

The new update that was just released allows you to create you to become a VIP and hire other players to be your bodyguards. To become a VIP and create your own criminal Organization, you will need to have 1 million in-game cash in your bank account.

Members of a security team will receive regular payments from VIPs that they protect. A VIP will be able to fire or hire a bodyguard via the SecureServe application that’s available on the smartphone (the in-game smartphone). VIPs can also supply their team with vehicles and weapons that they will use to keep them safe.

Security hires will earn 5000 dollars in-game cash and will receive RP bonuses and challenges in GTA Online’s Freemode. The catch is that the entire money that a member of a security team earned will go straight back to the VIP. When the bodyguards will be near their VIPs, they will also receive a stats bonus which means that the health will regenerate faster than usual.

This new update also brings new cars such as the Turreted Limo, which VIPs will most likely pick up for their organizations. The car is armored and it features a chain gun out on the back in case a VIPs wants to do some damage from the inside of the car. In addition, there are 10 new cars for sale, while 6 of them are for executives and their crew. There are also two new awesome helicopters which you will be able to purchase with in-game cash.

There is also a new Super Yacht that can be purchased and it comes in three variants and it costs 6 million dollars, 7 million dollars and 8 million dollars. You will be able to customize the interior but, as expected, you will need to pay more. Unfortunately, you can’t drive the Super Yacht, but instead you are able to move its location. There are twelve locations where you can place the Super Yacht, which means that this will act like a “movable floating apartment”.

The Executive and Other Criminals also brings two new weapons (heavy revolver and switchblade), new clothing that will fit for a boss and, of course, new jobs. In addition, Rockstar also created some VIP Challeneges and we’re sure that any GTA fan will enjoy them.