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With Microsoft and Apple tablets already equipped with the ability to display two applications at the same time, Google is now aiming to catch up with these two giants with its next major OS overhaul.

According to sources close to the company, Google is working on a feature that will see the users of Android tablets powered by next year’s Android 7.0 enjoy working with two apps side by side. The sources claim that the split-screen feature is being lined up for next year October or November release alongside the new version of Google’s Android OS. In short, Android users will have to wait for nearly a year before they can enjoy what the users of iPads and Windows tablets are experiencing.

“We are working hard on a variety of enhancements in this form factor”, Glen Murphy, who is the director of Android and Chrome UX, said in a statement to a Reddit audience in reference to the new Pixel C tablet that Google has equipped with a screen size of 10.2 inches. “We have been spending lots of time on a multi-window capability and hopefully, we can share more information about this development soon”.

Android 7.0 N is the name of the next version of Google’s mobile OS

Another Google director who was present during the Reddit discussion, Andrew Bowers, mentioned something about the new Android OS. As it seems, Google will settle for Android 7.0 N as the name of the upcoming mobile operating system.

“We are working on a wide range of things right now for [Android) N”, Bowers said in reference to the upcoming version of the Android OS. “Things that we wish we had yesterday, but we would spoil N’s surprise if we went ahead and shared everything. [Nonetheless] Split-screen is in the works!”

Apple, Google and Microsoft on a mission to revive the tablet industry

The tablet market has not been seeing the best of results when it comes to revenues. It is not just Google, but also other companies have been working hard to find better ways of boosting this dwindling business. Microsoft and Apple have tried bringing in accessories that help these devices work almost like laptops; however, it seems all eyes are set on multitasking as the best way of these devices emulating PC experiences.

Google will have to do more than just offer split screen technology to its tablet family as this feature already works perfectly on Windows and iOS-run tablets. Windows 8 offered the ability to view two apps on a tablet’s screen; however, Windows 10 has stepped this up to four apps. Apple entered this world with its recently released iOS 9, but it is doing quite well. If anything, Google is playing catch up in bringing this capability to the Android tablets.