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Project Fi, the mobile virtual network operator which was established in April 2015, and which provides wireless phone and data services using Sprint and T-Mobile’ Wi-Fi and cellular networks, is taking the next step. The Project Fi subscribers will be able to cellular-enabled tablets, such as Nexus 7 or iPad Air 2, which have a SIM card.

Google posted this information yesterday on its blog, and it will make a lot happy a lot of consumers who were waiting for broader coverage for their tablets. Until now, the multinational technology company with its headquarters in Mountain View, CA, has made experiments with between a cellular and Wi-Fi networks and with Project Fi, the subscribers can go to a place which doesn’t have a Wi-Fi hotspot and still access the internet. Project Fi is an alternative to traditional cellular wireless plans and it’s much cheaper, plus, thanks to the new decision, the customers will be able to connect a tablet without paying an extra fee. Laura Holmes, the senior product manager for Project Fi said that “We’ll continue to experiment with creative ways to make accessing wireless from your connected device as easy as connecting with your phone” and she specified that the tablet owners won’t be charged to add their tablets to their plan.

However, the users will need to purchase a data-only SIM which will be inserted into their devices and each month they will pay $10 per gigabyte of data, which is not much. So, they will connect their tablets to T-Mobile or Sprint when they will not have a wireless network in their area, but the disadvantage is that the voice network feature won’t be available.

Besides the Nexus 7 and iPad Air 2, there are three more tablets included in the Project Fi: Nexus 9, iPad Mini 4 and Galaxy Tab S, which contain a slot for a cellular SIM card. The owners are warned that they can’t use their tablets as a mobile hotspot for other devices.

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