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Everyone knows Facebook.

We have seen it grow so much and dominate the internet such that the younger generation believes that Facebook is the Internet. It doesn’t stop there. Facebook is still expanding, adopting new features every now and then in a bid to remain relevant.

The live streaming craze has finally caught up with Facebook. Cool huh? Well, this feature allows for the live streaming of videos on Facebook. By live, we mean that your friends and loved ones can view and comment in real time as you shoot the video, giving a feeling that you are in the same place with them, doing the same thing. This is amazing, right?

Are you on holiday and you really wanted to let your loved ones in on how much fun they are missing out on? Say you are enjoying a sumptuous meal or maybe it’s an important life event like you are proposing to your girlfriend. Well this is the right feature for it folks.

When this feature was first rolled out, it was meant for those celebrities and public figures who had verified Facebook accounts. We now see it having rolled out on to the iPhone users in the United States, and soon to follow on Android.

How to broadcast live videos

Open your browser and log into Facebook. See the Update Status label? Well, that is your call to action. You will see a new icon called Live Video amidst others you know so well like write, photo/video, check-in and feeling options. Select Live Video.

Next you need to describe the moment a bit and select the target audience you want to view this live broadcast. Once you are done, click finish and that’s it. No fancy procedures to follow. It’s that simple and clear.

During a live broadcast, you will see several things and they include the number of live viewers streaming the video, the names of your friends who are watching as well as their profile photos (a tip here; you can actually click on their profile photos to block them from viewing the live broadcast as well, that’s, if they were not the intended audience). Lastly, you will also see a real time stream of comments.

After the live broadcast, you can still access the video from your Facebook Timeline just like other feeds. The choice to keep it or delete it is totally up to you now. During the live streaming of the video, there is a subscribe button present which you can click on to get notifications when your friend is giving live feed.

Updates will come in normally as news feed. You can also follow your friends so that you can receive updates whenever they are streaming live. The video broadcast length can however be shot for up to 30 minutes only.

Well now instead of empty posts, you can add life to it; for example, if your friend is acting crazy, take a live video using this new feature on Facebook. You can actually prove to people that you’re indeed doing what you say you are doing. If you are taking a walk by the beach, stream live and share the experience with your friends and loved ones.

Close to the live streaming was the collage feature that groups photos taken recently and saves them on the camera roll. When you’re updating your status, you can give a personalized feel by actually removing some photos, rearranging them as well as adding some more photos. Add a title to the collage and proceed to share the post on Facebook.

Well, that’s it. Can’t wait to try it out? It will be available to the Android users, beginning early next year. Be patient, the wait is almost over!