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Are you a hardcore Android user? Well, if yes, you should be familiar with Chinese startup OnePlus, an OEM that has recently hit the headlines with cheap spec-packed smartphones.

The company is behind the popular OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 smartphones that feature high-end specs but are priced well below the usual pricing of high-end devices. Behind this smart handset, the company has put a daring motto that explains a lot about their mentality in the smartphone business: #NeverSettle.

The company has been in the business of making other smartphone accessories including the USB cables that it was recently offering refunds for due to their reported defects. Many enthusiasts of OnePlus would be expecting for the company to come in with even more products for the Android niche, but this Chinese startup has gone for the opposite, instead unveiling new products for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

OnePlus is now selling iPhone 6S cases with the same Sandstone Black finish that is available on rear panels of both OnePlus smartphones. According to news coming from 9to5Mac, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases carry the same #NeverSettle slogan on its inside in addition to a “Get a grip” message along with it. As if this is not enough, OnePlus went further and included an invite card with this new iPhone cases and with this card, it is possible to purchase the new OnePlus X smartphone that is the newest member of the company’s cheaper mid-range handsets.

OnePlus luring iPhone users to Android

The OnePlus iPhone 6S cases will cost just $19.99. However, if you think OnePlus is just here to make revenue out of selling cases to users of Apple devices, you are wrong. The idea behind the cases and invite card is to bring more and more iPhone users to the Android platform through the OnePlus X smartphone.

If one succeeds in getting this new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S case and again happens to take advantage of the invite card for buying the new OnePlus X smartphone, it will simply mean you are swapping the more expensive iPhone 6S for a cheaper Android option. However, this would still mean that you have to spend more since you will have to buy the new OnePlus device to make use of the same case.

The question is how many will be willing to pay extra cash to get a new OnePlus X smartphone?