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As you know, WhatsApp is an application for smartphones that run on one of the six major platforms, so it doesn’t have a version for PCs. Fortunately, at the beginning of the year, when the developers have added the voice calling feature for Android, they’ve also released a web client for PCs. So, the WhatsApp users could continue their conversations from their computer, after logging into their accounts. If you’re new to this application and you don’t like writing message using your phone’s virtual keyboard, then we’ll teach you how to use your computer to talk with your friends.

WhatsApp is the application which isn’t perfect, but perfectible and its creators are continuously working on improving it, by adding new features which are tested, for a while, on the beta versions for Android or other major platform. Android has priority because there are more active users with phones running on this platform, so the voice calling feature was firstly introduced for Android, then, a few months later, it became available for Windows Phone and iOS. The same thing happened with the Web client, which allows the users to log into their accounts from a computer.

In order to do that, the users must be logged on WhatsApp from their smartphones, then on their computers, they will open one of the three supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Opera, then go to, where they will see a QR code. Now, while they are on WhatsApp on their smartphones, they will tap the Menu button, from where they will select WhatsApp Web and click on Got it. With the phone’s camera, they will scan the bar code which is shown on the PC monitor, on the websites we’ve told you about. After the QR is recognized, the users will see an interface which is similar to that on the mobile devices and every conversation which will be held on the PC will be synced to the smartphone, so you’ll be able to continue chatting with your friends after logging off from the computer.