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Needless to say how great Chrome is, especially when it can be improved every step of the way, there are a bunch of neat tricks that can help you enjoy a much more superior Chrome experience, if you want to know more, keep reading.

  1. Switching between tabs

There is a Chrome shortcut you can use to joggle between tabs. You need to swipe (either left or right) on the toolbar and this should take you to the former or next tab. You can also swipe down on the toolbar to see all of your open tabs, a simple and fun way to apply when it comes to tabs.

  1. Enable voice search

The voice search command has successfully replaced typing. If you wish to enable the voice search feature, simply click on the microphone symbol (see right side of the search bar) and then say whatever you want.

  1. Using a simple gesture to go directly to menu options

If you must leaf through the Chrome menu, but for some reason you don’t feel like lifting a finger to do so, you can merely click and hold the finger on the menu symbol and then slide the finger down to the desired option, when the menu pops-up.

  1. Play a game when offline

Users can enjoy playing a game even when they cannot access the internet. Here is what you have to do to engage in the game: when the “you are offline” appears in Chrome, all you have to do is click on the dinosaur right above this message and the game will begin. So, this way even if there is no internet, you still have something fun to do.

  1. Favorite sites can become home screen icons

It might seem annoying to go to your favorite sites using the browser, but luckily there is a way you can create icons on the screen of your device, so that you can find your preferred sites in no time.

You need to go to your favorite site in Chrome, click on the menu and then click on Add to home screen option, you should see some sort of app icon show up on the home screen and when you will click on it, you will be redirected to the site.