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The significance and usage of WhatsApp have grown manifold since this messaging and calling app was discovered in 2009.

About six years into its operations, this Facebook-owned app has a user base that is nearly clocking the 1 billion mark. While the many people who use the app only make use of it as a tool of communication, exchanging messages between friends and family over short and long distances, the app has never been used for matters related to the human resource department of companies.

In fact, WhatsApp has yet to gain any significance as a business tool, but organizations and small businesses have found ways of leveraging the huge population available on this platform by creating WhatsApp hotlines with their brand names where users can easily access them for one-to-one chats.

The power of WhatsApp blue ticks

Ever since it came into being, WhatsApp has been considered a tool that came to take the place of text messages. However, a court in Amsterdam has other ideas about this messaging application.

According to a ruling made by the Dutch court, employers now have the power to fire their employees using a simple WhatsApp message, BNR reveals. However, certain conditions must prevail for this option to work.

The court says that the employer must be in a position to prove that the sacked employee did, in fact, get the message as well as read it. This is where the power of WhatsApp blue ticks comes in. When this update was made available towards the end of last year, some people felt offended in that the feature was a violationof their privacy. It meant that one can see when a message is delivered to a device and the time the recipient reads it.

The employer will have to leverage the power of blue ticks when trying to prove that the dismissed employee did indeed receive the message concerning the firing.

A huge concern for employees

WhatsApp has started gaining some strange uses and the latest one just shows the potential this app still has. However, experts are of the view that lots of discussions must be held before this is approved as a way of relieving employees of their duties.

While employers might come along with the blue checkmarks as evidence that an employee read a message, it is not necessarily sufficient since it is easy for someone else also to open the message. As a result, it is advisable that employees be very careful when communicating with their employers on WhatsApp because what you write can easily be used against you in a court of law.