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Google has a new offer for the buyers of a new Chromecast digital media player, which will get $20 credit to spend on the Google Play Store. In our opinion, this is a great deal, because the Chromecast costs $35 and not only that you’re replacing your new device, but you’re also paying only $15 on it, since the $20 will be spend on applications or games, which you can install on your Android smartphone or tablet. The promotion started on December 13 and it will end on January 2nd.

So, after buying a Chromecast dongle, you will redeem the offer in the Chromecast app, and with the $20 you’ll get from Google, you’ll be able to make any kind on purchase from the Google Play store, including magazine subscriptions, books, movies, TV shows, Google Play Music All Access and games or applications.

The users who visited Google’s Chromecast Offers site saw the announcement before the promotion went live, but it was removed in short time and it reappeared on Sunday, when the page was updated. So, if you’re planning to replace your old Chromecast, now it’s the time to buy a new model, but Google has specified that only the US and Canadian customers are eligible to receive $20 in credit to spend on the official Android store.

Also, Google has published the list of terms for the offer for the US customers. This promotion is available for everyone who is over 13 years old, lives in the US, has Internet access and only a Google Payments account; the customers must buy a Chromecast device between Dec 13, 2015 and Jan 2, 2016 and the promotional credit is not reloadable. The users will spend the credit, which will be added to their Google Payments account, until January 31, 2017.

We must warn you that Google will find out if you’ll try to buy multiple devices, because the credit will be given only once.