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On Monday, Google announced a new feature that allows the users to search, bookmark and save images from the Google Image Search directory using mobile browsers.

The user is also able to organize these images such that he or she can easily access them.

The idea of taking screenshots to save images on mobile phones is a foregone case with this new feature on the Google Image Search. This feature is only available in the United States with limitation to mobile browsers currently and not on the Google application itself. However, to access this new feature, users should remain logged in to their respective Google accounts.

Bookmarking or saving images on Google Image search gets easier

Saving and bookmarking of images from the search engine of mobile phones gets easier with just a few taps of issuing commands to the device. The user has to launch the Google Image Search first to search for the intended or desired image. After the search is complete, the user selects the image that he or she wishes by tapping on it. A star will appear just below the image selected. A tap on the star will bookmark and save the image.

Saving images in a folder

After starring several images it is quite proper and in order to arrange them and Google gives you this option after several images have been starred or bookmarked. Select the starred images and tap on the pencil-shaped edit icon to open up a folder where the selected images are saved. It is so simple, orderly and easily retraceable.

In a blog post from the company, one Diego Accame, who is a Software Engineer at Google Inc., says that the new roll out will be available for all key browsers that are supported on iOS and Android platforms.

On the road to push more updates for its OS

Google Inc. has lately been noted to be pushing for a number of updates for its applications that run on its own platform as well as its rival iOS operating system. In October, Google updated a version of its app for iOS revitalizing the application to version 9.0 that enabled iOS users search and play GIF images in the search results. The update also saw the users having the ability to review their favorite places as well as get map results in the app when looking up for an address. The company recently also updated YouTube and Google Photos for iOS that brought in new features.

Just last month, the Alphabet Company also revealed a number of updates to the Google Photos service that includes Free Up Space feature. These are among many other planned updates that the company has scheduled to develop on its own Android operating system as well as other rival operating systems.

The users should also note the floating button at the screen’s button that permits access to online saved images and not on the device when using the Google Image Search.

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