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Mojang has released a new Minecraft snapshot 15W50A for Windows 10 and Pocket Editions.

The new update comes with some usual fixes along with some new sounds, this announcement was made by Mojang a few days ago and below we’re going to give you the full change log that this new snapshot comes with:

Bug Fixes

– The bug that was causing the loot tablets to not work with hoppers has been fixed;
– The bug that was causing the Zombies to not make an attempt at escaping cacti once they’ve touch them has been fixed;
– The bug that was causing Skeleton AI to ignore helmets and make them stay still in the shadows has been fixed;
– The bug that was causing the mobs to not their way to the open fence gates has been fixed;
– Pathfinding around and over shulkers has been added;
– The bug that was causing the game to crash when a fireball was shot has been fixed.

New Sounds

As we’ve told you above, the new snapshot comes with some new sounds. From now on, the players will be able to hear the sound of furnace cooking, graspath making, furnace cooking, lava splash and more.

Here Is The Minecraft: Pocket Edition Trailer

The new Minecraft: Pocket Edition trailer show some new features that Mojang has added to the game this year. Mojang has made the experience outdoor more fun for the players, allowing them to tame ocelots or even catch some fish on a boat. The players can now join a game together and enter explore the Nether together.

The trailer also showcased the redstone powered components and the Brewing Station where the players can create some awesome potions. All these features are now available on the Minecraft: Pocket Edition version for only 6.99 dollars.