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Every year, Apple is renewing its operating system, adding new features and improving its performance. iOS 9 came installed on the iPhone 6, 6S Plus, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 and it introduced performance enhancements which decreased the app response times, it came with upgraded to Siri and Search etc. Here’s the list of changes you’ll find in iOS 9, compared to what iOS 8 brought.

Built-in Applications And Interface

iOS 8 came with Reachability, a feature which allowed the users to bring the top half of the screen closer to their thumb and this mode was activated by double tapping the home button. This feature was introduced especially for the iPhone 6 Plus phablet, which received a large 5.5-inch screen and the users was very happy. Other changes include the gestures which allow the users to swipe down anywhere on the middle of the homescreen, in order to bring the Spotlight search; mark messages as unread, flag them delete them etc. by swiping left or right; quickly reply to a message from the notification etc.

iOS 9 has a redesigned Photos app, which contains three sections: Collections, Albums and Shared. Apple has renamed Passbook to Wallet, which has credit and debit cards which have been registered with Apple Pay; Maps provides public transport directions, has Siri integration, and the users can change their favorite mode of transport. The News app is a big addition, offering news from the most important providers: New York Times, CNN the Telegraph etc.

Also, the Notes app has now a toolbar above the keyboard with formatting options, such as Bold, Italic and underlined text; they can add lists with bullets, dashes or numbers etc.


Apple allowed custom keyboards in the Apple store for the first time in iOS 8, and in iOS 9, the users will no longer struggle to remember if the Caps Lock is engaged or not, because the keyboard changes to lower case. The iPad users will notice the shortcut bar with an extra row of icons above the keyboard + better autocorrect suggestions, and easy text selection, which allows swiping on the screen to move the cursor.

Search and Siri

Search was redesigned in iOS 8 and replaced with Spotlight. When the users swiped down from the middle of the screen, they obtained the full screen search window, being able to look for information on the internet, including on the iTunes Store or the App Store. iOS 9 came with an overhauled Spotlight Search, which will show the most frequently opened applications, local news and other stuff.

Siri has become more useful, its voice recognition has been improved and it’s now more contextual, being able to work with photos and videos, so now, the users can easily find their recordings and shots from a certain event which took place in the past. Also, the users can set contextual reminders and get notifications when they need to do something, such as closing the garage door when getting out of the car.