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If you’re looking to buy your loved one a game console or if you simply want to treat yourself to something nice, this article will present the best-buy deals that are on this holiday season. The roundabout is between the Xbox One and PS4.

Users should rejoice as Microsoft unveiled its jaw-dropping offers and sales which mean that the Xbox One package is basically the same with the PS4 one, both consoles having bundles that retail for $299.

PlayStation 4 versus Xbox One Bundles

With PlayStation 4, users have two amazing package deals, these being the Star Wars: Battlefront and Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection. These two are marked at only $299. If you don’t like these options, you could always keep an eye out for other packages such as Destiny: The Taken King Bundle which retails for a higher price, $399 and other choices as well.

As for the Xbox One, users can choose the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle or The Lego Movie Videogame with the same price as the PS4.

If you’re feeling a bit more open-handed, you can choose the following bundles: Xbox One with Kinect Bundle, Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle or Xbox One FIFA 16 (1TB) Bundle, which were initially $399 and are currently priced at $349. For those who are looking to impress their friends with such a gift, the Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians Bundle which is now marked at $449 might just do the trick.

In conclusion, if you want a vast array of options, Xbox One comes with a lot more varieties than the PS4. It is important to consider the fact that PS4 is a lot more powerful, meaning top-notch performance, resolution and all that jazz. But, don’t rule out Xbox One just yet as this console comes with some great deals this Christmas season.

In the end it all comes down to your personal preference and last but not least, your budget.